Insulated Panels for Your Steel Building

Since we just talked a bit about insulation in general, let’s go into a bit more detail. As you know from previous posts, a great benefit of building with steel is the tons of available options you have for insulation–including a lot of clearance room to add lots of insulation right where you want it–roofs, walls, you name it. But, one of the cool features we offer is our insulated panels. In addition to putting blanket insulation down, you can also have it incorporated directly into your walls and into your roofing

On our Insulated Panel page, you can get a complete run-down, but let’s cover some of it here as well.

Key Benefits to using these include lowered energy costs and a really high long-term durability. These panels offer the highest R values over the life of the building. (R values are the term used to measure the insulative properties of insulation. We’ll go into this in the future in greater detail.)

We offer several types of panels.

Architectural wall panels are flat panels, available in a large range of colours and are perfect for your fussier-appearanced projects. They offer a very attractive appearance, and can be installed vertically or horizontally for more flexibility.

Striated wall panels have narrow ripples running vertically down the length of the panels. They’re also very attractive because the grooves add pleasing detail. They have a core of blister-free polyurethane and a high insulation rating.

Mesa & Light Mesa partition panels are also quite attractive, and you can use these on an interior or exterior basis. The subtle design–wide vertical stripes, evoking board and batten siding–is nice, and the design repeats on both sides which adds visual consistency to your project. Lots of colours to choose from.

Fluted panels offer an attractive and bold design, with a high-tech industrial look. Great colours and r-values.

Tuff-Wall panels are really attractive, and give a similar look to stucco. They’re highly abrasion and impact resistant, as well as offering EXTREME weather resistance.

We also offer insulated roof panels, which is another chance to add some insulation to your project. These come in the standing seam design, with an all in one composite panel.

Give us a shout if our insulated panels could work for you!


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  1. 1 steelroofpanels12 August 24, 2012 at 7:15 am

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on Steel Insulated Panels. Now I am too planning to have it in my house.

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