Skylights and Lighting for Steel Buildings

Using skylights and windows, especially ones that are energy efficient and have strong insulating properties, is a great way of making buildings that are environmentally friendly, and that have good appeal both inside and out. The environmental and energy effects of using (free!) natural daylight are pretty apparent. But it also turns out that people like it more as well.

Studies have proven daylighting makes employees more comfortable and productive. Reduced absenteeism, employee satisfaction and higher productivity are all bottom line benefits from the use of natural daylighting. An increase of just 1% in productivity provides enough financial savings to a company to pay their entire energy bill. (From Building Green TV).
There’s been a lot of talk about how Walmart is greening up its act, but it actually stumbled on to the benefits of using natural light. The company figured out that parts of a store lit by skylight panels had more sales. And, cash registers in the daylit portion rang up more sales. So, people just feel better with some sunshine on them. That seems to make sense.

Norsteel can help you bring some of the outside into your steel building with our skylights, light panels, and ventilation hardware.

We offer bubble-type dome-and-curb skylights that are easy to install and let in lots of light.

Light Panels
These are similar to the ones Walmart uses to light their stores. Translucent, fire-retardant GFRP (that stands for glass-fiber reinforced plastic) match the cladding profiles of roof and walls. This permits you to use a lot of them, and the building will still look good. They have a light transmission factor of 60%.

We’ve got good news if this stuff has you thinking about leaks. With a good installation and our good materials, a skylight has no more tendency to leak than any other roof component requiring a hole in the roof.

And if it’s ventilation you need, as well as light, we offer attractive louver panels, adjustable ridge vents, and of course, mechanical ventilators. These can help you control your building’s temperature and humidity at a relatively low cost.


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