Save With Better Insulation

We all want to be a little bit more eco-friendly when it comes to our environment. This is why if you’re thinking about purchasing a steel building, and are thinking of ways to save energy; purchasing better insulation may be a great idea!  Over the years, research has proven that energy consumption is the largest and controllable cost of a steel building.  This fact is becoming more distressing as energy costs increase at very high rates and with no intention of slowing down. The benefits of steel building insulation are incomparable with a variety of customized products catered to decrease your energy consumption and that will also offer consolidated resources to help you gain extra energy savings.  Many companies will help you with an energy management system for your steel building. 

If you’re investing in a new steel building and think that it’s already been efficiently insulated, these are false assumptions. It would be wise to take the time and research anything that you think would be included in these buildings because often they are not. 

Most steel buildings are constructed with only two inches of insulation. In most steel buildings this is an insufficient amount which will result in major loss of thousands of dollars yearly in wasted energy. Another major problem is that older steel buildings may have air leakage which will result in owners paying up to 50% for more heating and cooling. As you can see energy costs are going up due to the lack of research and poor assumptions that are made on steel buildings. 

To avoid high energy costs, read below on some of the facts to properly insulating your steel buildings:

When insulating properly, steel building owners can expect to save up to 20-50% savings on their next energy bill. Thermal energy loss is one of the largest expenses for steel building owners.  Insulating your steel building from $1.60 per square has instantly lowered energy bills for a lot of owners.

Energy becomes more efficient, when insulation acts as a barrier to slow the movement of heat which lowers energy outlays.

If properly laminated, vapor retardant also known as facing, quality insulation prevents condensation, which results in better climate control and maximum insulating efficiency. Insulation facing also provides bright, reflective wall and ceiling treatments to increase lighting efficiency.

Remember Short-term fixes to energy problems only offer short-term solutions!  Please research and investigate before purchasing or renovating your steel building. In the long run, you will save on energy bills and have a more energy-efficient steel building. 

For more information on insulating your building, feel free to visit our website at or give us a call at 1-866-822-4022, one of our sales reps will be happy to speak with you!  Or to learn more about insulation, please visit


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