Open Architecture Project Showcases Steel Building Design

Every once in a while, someone does something with a steel building that reminds us exactly how customizable prefab really can be. An article, from the design and building blog WorldChanging, showcases the design of Teton Valley Community School, in Victor, Idaho (USA). The design project is the product of Section Eight Design, also in Victor. The design for the school has won the prestigious “Open Architecture Challenge,” a competition sponsored by the Open Architecture Network. The contest’s purpose is to challenge architects and designers “to partner with the broader public to address architectural inequities affecting the health, prosperity and well-being of under-served communities.”

This prefab building features lots of natural light, classrooms that are reconfigurable, and of course, a great design. Of particular relevance to any school is the fact that more classrooms can be added, as they are needed, in a pay-as-you-go kind of way. And of course, the green aspect of the steel building is very important to the mission of this organization–and the school itself.

It’s kind of fun to know that prefab and steel buildings can also be high style. The Open Architecture Network has an entire portfolio of projects using prefabricated construction–that serve needs of local communities while being nice looking assets to the neighborhood.

Your Norsteel steel building may or may not win any design competitions, but either way, you’ll benefit from low costs and quick construction time, easy adaptation to meet your precise needs, and the potential to expand when growth requires it. Just like this school, you’ll find that a steel building is the way to move forward!


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