Green Construction: R-Max Insulation System for Steel Buildings

Green Construction: R-Max Insulation System for Steel Buildings

For today’s series on Green Construction, we’re going to talk about how you can bring improve the overall quality of living in your prefab metal building. Norsteel’s different steel building insulation packages can make this happen. We have an entire list of options that you can choose for your steel building: fiberglass blanket insulation, semi-rigid batt insulation, and R-max system.

With the R-Max insulation system your building, you will have two benefits: first, you can bring down the heating and air-conditioning costs of the units in the metal building, whether it’s a residential or an industrial building; second, it will make living or working indoors a lot more comfortable by making it well-ventilated.

What is the R-Max System?

One of the innovative technologies offered at Norsteel, the R-Max insulation system works by providing a thick roof and wall insulation with superior R-values compared to other traditional insulation systems. With insulation both installed both in your roof and walls, the heat transfer from outside to your building’s interior is reduced. Also, the white interior liner panels not only provide the insulation system with an attractive finish, but also diffuse the lighting inside the building by as much as 30%.

During the summer, the steel building’s absorption of heat is significantly reduced, thanks to the insulation provided by the R-Max system. As for winter, the heat inside the pre fab metal building circulates because the thick insulation system does not allow the heat to escape the metal building.

Why should you use it for your pre fab metal building?

A common problem with metal buildings, although they are widely used in Canada, is its difficulty in insulating temperature. Metal, as you well know, is an excellent conductor of heat. Consider a classic science experiment: if you heat a kettle containing water on an electric range, the water will eventually be warm. Why does this happen? The steel kettle transfer the radiant temperature from the electric range to the temperature inside it the kettle’s surface. This transfer of heat allows the water to boil.

In the same way, steel buildings conduct heat from outside into the building. This applies to cold temperature. To solve this problem, having the R-Max insulation system installed on your roof and walls are a viable option.

Moreover, you save on energy costs because your air-conditioning and heating system will not work doubly hard to make the atmosphere inside the building favorable. This will result in energy savings, which will surely reflect in your utility bill.

So, with this insulation system and a slew of other green building options offered by Norsteel, you can help make your pre fabricated steel building not only attractive but also sustainable, green, and energy efficient. All it takes is for you to use steel—a natural choice in green construction—and combine it with walling, paneling, and insulation designs of Norsteel.


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