Green Construction: Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Building

Green construction isn’t just about spending extra for the environment. As previously mentioned in our green construction series, it’s also about efficient energy use that will benefit the building owner in the long run.

We are going to talk about what you can include in your building plans when you ask for a no pressure quote for you steel building. There is one thing that you can watch out for: energy-efficient vinyl windows.

The windows of your building may be far from your idea of what a green building is, but it can be a huge step to your energy saving efforts.

Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows

You can opt for wooden or metal framed windows, but will they stand the test of time? The problem with windows of the wood or metal material is that they can easily be corrupted by time. They can fall prey to rotting or rusting.

Instead of buying windows that will have to be heavily maintained, you should consider green and efficient windows—vinyl windows. The design of vinyl windows will not necessarily compromise the design you want your building to achieve. In fact, they can look exactly like steel- or wood-framed windows. The added value is that they can reduce the amount of UV rays going through your windows and at the same time have protection against environmental factors that can destroy the frame in no time.

Saving on Glass Coatings

According to Paul Fisette in his article, that’s because building owners’ main consideration when shopping for windows is the appearance first, and the cost second. What most building owners don’t know is that their windows may be costing them precious energy and ventilation.

Windows are important in any commercial or non-commercial building as it can lose or save 30% of air-conditioning or heat going through four processes: conduction, radiation, convection, and air leakage. What you want is for as much heat to go through the window if you’re in a cold environment. If you’re in a warm environment, you want as little heat to go through your window into your home.

Now, how do you make this possible? There are glass coatings available that can reflect long-wave heat in warm climates. In cold climates, there are glass coatings that can bounce back harmful long-wave heat and let in short=wave light that will go through the window and into your home. The result? A well-insulated and ventilated home that can save both energy and give you the protection you need inside your home.

Windows are one crucial aspect of green construction that is usually overlooked. If you’re serious about having a truly green building, it’s about time you invest on a low-cost environmentally friendly window.


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