Green Construction: Current Trends in Green Buildings

With the rising costs of electricity and the increasing demand for sustainable commercial buildings, the need for steel building manufacturers to focus on green construction has never been clearer. Norsteel, always the pioneer and innovator in premium steel buildings, is in the forefront of this need.

That’s why we’re starting a series on green construction, which will discuss green buildings, green energy alternatives, and energy efficient materials for your building. Of course, any reservation from building owners is understandable. In fact, we even warmly welcome them!

These doubts are necessary for you to . We’ve previously mentioned the goal of green construction and a few energy alternatives for your building. But today, we’ll talk about why you need to shift to a green construction mindset, with Norsteel to guide you through and through.

The Current Situation of Commercial Buildings

Current estimates show that only about .3 percent of commercial buildings in Toronto are green buildings. This is similar to the ratio of green buildings in North America.

This number is quite small, considering the negative impact commercial buildings have on our environment. For one, 40% of all US carbon emissions, which inflict direct harm on our ozone layer, come from commercial buildings. Non-green commercial buildings are also the culprit behind 70% of electricity consumption in the US. 30% is divided among residential houses, which are far less in number than commercial buildings. All in all, commercial buildings also consume 15 trillion gallons of much needed water.

These numbers will only grow and worsen—to the detriment of our environment. With the continual expansion of our population, something has to be done about the situation. This is where green buildings come in.

The ‘Green’ Solution

Despite the negative consequences posed by commercial buildings to the environment, their construction simply can’t be stopped. This is where green construction comes in: it presents a stable solution by the use of environmentally-friendly practices in construction from the design to the construction of commercial buildings.

It all starts with the use of energy-saving technologies and materials that are able to reduce energy costs by as much as 30%. Green buildings are also able to reduce water usage by about 30 to 50%. If you’re a building owner, you should instantly know what this means: that the overhead costs of owning building ownership can be lessened by as much as 30 to 50% if you opt for green buildings.

The US Green Building Council provides a five-pronged description of what a green building is. It includes (1) sustainable long-term planning, (2) water efficiency, (3) renewable and efficient energy, (4) conservation of resources, and (5) indoor environmental quality.

These are five aspects of green construction that you can talk to us with as we give you a free steel building information package and no pressure quote.


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