Norsteel Mini-Storage Info

norsteel mini storage buildingsWe spend a lot of time thinking about mini-storage. In fact, Norsteel has an entire division devoted to the needs of the mini-storage industry. The industry is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur and we enjoy serving it. Our buildings are a natural fit for mini self storage facilities: they are inexpensive, easily customizable, and make installation as easy as possible. And we have the fastest delivery times around.

We have a great selection of mini storage unit buildings, ready to go when you are. They are super for a brand new facility, or, if your business is growing and you need more space, we can help you with additions and adding new buildings on to your facility.

Since we keep up with the industry, our sales staff are always ready to help answer your questions about how we can help you. We’re also glad to offer our experience to you–we have worked with many self-storage businesses, so we have a good idea of what has worked for people, what hasn’t, what people would do if they could start over. Our access to this experience will save you lots of headaches, now and in the future.

For example, when you’re budgeting, you’ll want to know all the various fees that you’ll have to pay, including excavation, permit fees, and so forth. We can point you to resources so that you can budget effectively. Our network of contacts can ease the burden for you.

Our people can help you handle the design of your building (based on our range of prefabricated products) choosing colors and designs that fit your brand, as well as helping you capitalize on your specific lot size and requirements.

Then, when it comes time to get building your facility or addition, we’ll be there, helping you keep on track by ensuring timely delivery and accessibility during the construction phase.

Call us today to talk about your mini-storage building project!


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