Metal Panels stand up to Harmful Elements

Metal panels are great in almost all areas of the world, especially where anyone of us may live, we all know that extreme weather is everywhere.  Take for example the devastating earthquake in Haiti, or fires in California and let’s not forget about the uncountable snowfalls on the East Coast.  Now these are all extreme weather examples of harmful elements that buildings take a toll from.  This is why, when creating a steel building, we must consider the various conditions in each area.  Metal panels can hold up against wind, rain, snow, fire and seismic shifts in the ground. 

Metal panels are attractive and cost-effective and can resist weather.  They come in a variety of colours and are energy-efficient.  Metal is very durable and strong, They can last a long time and are lightweight.  Due to wind being the primary weather phenomenon, extensive testing is being done to determine the capacity of a roof or wall application to withstand load.  Generally, snow loads are calculated and determined a capacity for a panel. ASCE 7  are usually what engineers use (which is the minimum design loads for Buildings and structures).  

The most challenging event would be a tornado.  Therefore, there are some panels that are designed to withstand 200 mph winds, and building codes do not usually design for tornadoes due to their low probability of occurrence and if and when a category 5 does strike, sometimes there is nothing to be done.  In most cases, it’s very difficult to design a building that will stand up in those types of situations.  However, metal roofs are pretty good in most extreme elements and we have seen this many times especially from hurricanes.  If installed properly, metal roofs work well as an envelope and can have individual pieces coming off.  If you are able to keep the perimeter fastened and attached, you won’t have a failure out in the middle of the roof.  So the goal here is to keep the peeling action from even getting started.

Metal can handle snow, but the concern is areas with extreme snow such as buffalo.  These situations require significant span reductions.  Now, if you want to keep the weather out, such as water or air, most products are tested for air and water leakage.  Metal is rain, hail and fire resistant as well as sun damage resistant. These are all important key factors in purchasing metal panels. 

You can be sure that the sun will not damage your metal panels or cause chalking or fading and don’t forget that most products have a good warranty coverage.  So here, you have read the amazing benefits of metal panels and if you need more information or convincing, feel free to check out the source at

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