Increasing Efficiency with Aluminum

Aluminum products have been known to improve efficiencies and seen in a short time, however these products are higher in cost, but the payback is worth it!  Let’s talk a bit about solar control – an important factor to consider when purchasing aluminum products is the initial building design, this way you can determine what will have vision glass and framing.  Project location will also play a big part in the optimum ratio for the your steel building.  In cold weather locations, heating energy increases with window area and decreases because of the daylighting advantages.  There are different types of glass accessories, such as sun shades and light shelves, they can reduce electrical energy use.  If you looking to make your building “Green”, sunshades are a great option!  As for daylighting – daylight and views’ credits are available for incorporating the use of natural lighting in new construction. 

recycled content is very popular especially when using high content, recycled, aluminum extrusions for framing of vision glass areas is easy and cost effective.  Recycled aluminum can be found from many suppliers and in many variations.  Remember that one LEED point can allow for a total of 10 percent recycled content and an additional point will be rewarded for a total of 20 percent!  Building product materials used on the job from roofing overhead to concrete foundations and site-work are referred as recycled content.  All post consumer and one half of the pre-consumer will be counted.  Any recycled content value of material is weighted.  Key points to think about are:  Post-consumer content which is:  qualifying, aluminum material wich is diverted from landfills after their previous life-cycle and Pre-consumer content which is: qualifying alumium material which is reclaimed from manufacturing production processes or prime aluminum which is primary billet aluminum generally includes overall recipe of recycled aluminum.

Finishes for aluminum include new anodizing processes for aluminum which can also reduce the amount of waste by-product and will produce high-quality aluminum.  Painted finishes for aluminum framing can also add an attractive dimension that is eco-friendly.

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