Greening your Buildings

Most businesses and establishments hardly understand the value of green construction. If it’s going to cost them more money in getting the building together, they’d rather do without it altogether. We’ve already underscored the benefits of green buildings, but you might not be fully convinced just yet.

The big questions in your mind must have something to do with what green construction are, how you can have affordable green steel buildings, and buffer the costs of construction all at the same time.

Contrary to popular misconception, green building, also referred to as green construction or sustainable building, does not just refer to the structure itself and the pro-environment products used in the construction. Green construction also pertains to the environmentally responsible practices that were used during the construction, from the planning and design to the construction and maintenance of the structure.

The goal of green construction is to efficiently utilize resources, especially energy and water. Conservation of water and energy resources will, in the long run, save a lot of costs during the maintenance of the structure. By efficiently using these resources, a building isn’t in constant threat of running low on resources.

Another goal is to prevent hazards and protect the building occupants. Because green buildings have a sustainable design, it will be able to prevent accidents that happen in buildings all too commonly. These problems could have been prevented, but the steadfast effort in designing green buildings is bound to stop these little accidents from happening.

To achieve the two mentioned goals, the operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel must be completely aware of how to operate the building responsibly.

Lastly, the building will do its part in reducing carbon footprint and reducing environmental degradation. During green construction, as little energy and materials are used as possible. For example, wastewater, or grey water from dishwashing can be processed and treated to flush toilets or be used for washing cars.

The setback is the cost of constructing green buildings. Admittedly, green construction is a bit more costly at first. The design is more calculated among many other factors, but, in the long run, green buildings will save you more money when it comes to maintenance of the structure, the decrease of energy bills, the increase of worker productivity and the longevity of the building. With these benefits, the price of green construction will obviously pay off.


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