Snap Seal Roofing Panel by Norsteel Buildings

The final piece in our series on Norsteel roofing products is the snap seal roofing system. Of course all our roofing options are great, but some are better suited to some projects than others. This product is versatile and attractive, yet very tough. And it saves you time by being really quick to install!

Snap Seal panels are standard in 24 gauge or 22 gauge steel. Each panel is 18” wide with a 1-3/4″ high rib and is available in lengths up to 45’. Like the Panel Rib System, the snap seal panels include factory-installed sealant for weather resistance. And like the SLR and SSR, panels are attached to the substrate using galvanized clips that allow the roof to expand and contract with thermal changes. This means that you’ll have less ripping and tearing because of the metal’s moving in our freezing cold winters and hot summers. The clips attach the roofing surface to the substrate, eliminating the need for through-fasteners, which helps prevent leaks. So this roofing choice offers the convenience of eliminating field seaming, while letting you have the waterproofing advantages of the clip system.

Like the other roofing products, snap seal panels are available with KXL Kynar in fourteen standard colors. KXL, or Kylar-based, paint is a polyvinylidene (PVDF) fluoride finish that offers great colour durability and weatherproofing and is highly resistant to fading and chalking.  It’s applied over a Galvalume finish. The Galvalume process makes metal highly corrosion-resistant by adding aluminum to the traditional zinc galvanizing process.

This product is also a great choice when aesthetics are important to the project. It’s similar in appearance to traditional roofing, and our colour choices can really make a project sharp looking. It accomodates low slopes as low as 3:12. You’ll see the Snap Seal panel system used over all kinds of substrates–insulation, plywood, or open framing. It looks good on mansards and can even be used in fascia applications. This product gets rave reviews all over the place. Get in touch with us for your metal roofing and building project needs–we can help you figure out what’s best for your building.

snap seal roofing panel


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