Metal Roofing Options: SLR Panneling

Last time we talked about SSRs, or “Standing Seam Roofs.” This week, it’s time for the SLR metal roofing, another kind of standing seam roof. The SLR is a very economical choice, and it’s good for a lot of uses. It’s good for steep and low-slope roofs, and it provides excellent leak resistance and durability. It’s nice looking too!

SLR panels are standard in 24 gauge steel or 22 gauge and it has a 2 inch standing seam. The panels are 16 inches wide and come in lengths up to 42 inches. The panel includes a factory-installed sealant bead in the side joint that works with the on-site seaming to deliver excellent weather tightness. Once the field machines seam the unit in place, the whole roof becomes a single unit membrane, resistant to wind, rain and cold.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for the great waterproof qualities of the SSR and SLR is that the roof membrane uses a system of clips that connect it to the roof’s structural members. Metal roofs used to be connected to buildings using rivets or other fasteners that pierced the roof–obviously that caused leaks. Our system connects the roof firmly to the building, but also lets it expand and contract with the weather, keeping the building integral and strong. These clips are strong too–with impressive wind uplift ratings from the insurance industry and the US Corps of Engineers.

Another part of the weather resistance is that this system is designed to accommodate a lot of insulation–up to 6 inches to be exact, which will help keep your building toasty warm in the winter, and it’ll keep your cool air inside in the summer.

Our metal roofs come in great color finishes–13 standard colors in our KXL Kynar finish. Our finishes are top quality and provide for long life color that resists fading and chalking.

Thanks for reading. Call us if you need advice on your prefab roofing or building project.

SLR Metal Roofing


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