Going for Green Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Norsteel is very proud to offer prefabricated metal building options that are both green and affordable.  In fact our affordable green prefab buildings are customizable to suit your building needs. We of course offer several Energy Star® certified products and while we obviously cannot guarantee LEED certification, we are very dedicated to assisting you in every way possible when it comes to your goals for sustainable design and LEED certification.

Of course having said all of that, many builders still question the value and practicality of going green in the construction industry.To begin with, green buildings offers significant cost savings on many levels.

ü  Energy efficiency

ü  Water efficiency

ü  Material conservation

ü  Improved quality of life for employees, translating into less sick days

ü  Possible Government incentives.

If you look at our comprehensive green prefab buildings section of the Norsteel website, you will find the following information and much more information about this topic. As mentioned on our site, you may also find valuable green building information from the following resources.

Canada Green Building Council
Energy Star
Cool Roof Rating Council, CRRC


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