Straw Building Products for your Steel Building

The wheat industry has been gaining popularity for the use of a waste by-product such as straw in the green building industry. Disposing of straw has been an environmental issue, especially the remaining by-product of wheat gain after it is harvested. The burning of this process causes serous air pollution. The good thing about eco-friendly strawboard panels is that they can replace gypsum drywall which consumes much more energy to produce. With these highly compressed straw panels, the studs are not needed in some interior partition walls. Some applications are interior and exterior walls, load and non-bearing ceilings, roofing, doors, and flooring. Because wheat is grown allover the world every year for food, it is a rapidly renewable resource!

Affordability and reduction of sound transmission are just a few key features of strawboard panels. Plus, they’re also fire, termite, mold, and impact-resistant.

Strawboard is close to wood in texture so it can be sawn, drilled, routed, nailed, screwed, and glued. In the U.S, there are two companies that manufacture strawboard panels. They are Enviro Board Corp. of Sacramento, CA. and Durra Building Systems, based in Whitewright, Texas.

Also a product called BIOFIBER™ wheat panels that are made by Environ BioComposite can be used for interior applications such as table surfaces, cabinetry, furniture, and decorative & architectural applications.

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