Save Money and Time with Mobile Automation

What is mobile automation?  It’s automated software that allows you to save both money and time.  More and more companies are now using this product to become more efficient in future projects. The product allows you to save time and materials. These are game changing technologies for the load bearing and non-load bearing light-gauge cold-formed steel framing building industry.  The technologies are available now and potentially reduce the manufacturing labor required to produce panels or trusses by 50 percent.  It can also reduce your raw material costs by double-digit percentage points while at the same time it will reduce your dependency on distribution networks. These framing technology products are becoming the most popular and widespread in green improvement.  Automated light-gauge cold-formed framing systems can reduce your scrap to as little as 1 percent or less versus the 6-8 percent for traditional manual plant operations producing steel panel and trusses.  Also, if you take advantage of these savings, you are increasing control of your fabrication and installation methods and schedules and saving money by reducing manufacturing errors in the plant and installation errors in the field. 

Now knowing how competitive today’s construction markets are with lumber to pre-engineered metal buildings to pour and tilt concrete walls to structural steel building components to block and plank to light-gauge cold-formed steel, you are going to have to offer the best prices and service!  Using mobile automation will help with this.  Here’s how you can you do this, you can eliminate all the variables and focus on the quality and efficiency of the actual product (steel building etc.).  What do we already know about the product?  When panels and trusses are properly utilized, they are already contributing to savings to everyone in the construction process.  By automating the design of your steel building and production of panels and trusses, you can then use software design to steel coil to finish the product with less scrap, waste, labour and of course material costs.  Now you have an efficient and cost effective method to create light-gauge cold-formed steel panels and trusses. 

These technologies are available and packaged in a way so that you can take them with you to the construction site.  You can manufacture high quality, cost effective light-gauge cold-formed steel panels and trusses right on your job site.  Eventually, you can save money on facilities and on freight.  Make sure to consider this factor and also include how many pounds of panels or trusses a manufacturer could get on a trailer.  This is very important.  Some questions to consider during this process are: How much steel and labour costs could be added to this product?  How much more installation time would that add to the project? Make sure to consider the answers to these questions as saving more time and money are two very important things to bring to your project. 

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