Solar Lights to Brighten your Steel Building and Save Costs

Do you want to save some money on your energy bills?  Have you ever thought about putting a skylight in a dark area or part of your building?  Well, this is an excellent idea because you can have the natural light of the sun shine through rather then having lights on for a long period of time. This will reduce your electricity bill and you’re also considering the environment! 

You can install solar tubes, also known as sun tunnels which are very popular and easily retrofitted into new or existing buildings.  Depending on the Energy Star rated system you decide to go with, it may qualify for a federal tax incentive up to 30% of the cost. As well as, local and state incentives may also apply.  Basically, the way electricity works is with every flick of the switch, electricity is typically generated by burning fossil fuels, and pollution, as well as greenhouse gases are released.  By utilizing the power of the sun to lower electricity usage, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and help clear the air.  “Like skylights, solar tubes bring natural daylight into interior rooms. Unlike skylights, solar tubes are inexpensive and unlikely to experience problems like rain leaks, heat loss, condensation or overheating, and are relatively easy to retrofit into an existing house. A solar tube consists of a clear dome that collects sunlight into a highly polished and reflective tube that reflects the light down to a diffuser on the ceiling. The light has a natural quality and is sufficient to light a small room, hallway or staircase” reports Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development. 

For larger rooms, larger solar tubes or multiple units may be necessary.  Options for solar tubes include: diffusers, night time lighting, daylight dimmers and integrated bathroom fans. 

With a super energy-efficient solar tube, you can qualify for a federal tax credit, especially if it has a V-factor and solar heat gain coefficient less than or equal to .30 and it is installed between these dates: June 1, 2009 – December 31, 2010.

For more information on energy-efficient solar tubes, please visit:   Also, please visit: for options on skylights.


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