Encouraging Employees to Promote Workplace Safety

workplace safetyWorkplace safety is a persistent concern among Canadians. In fact, almost 1000 Canadians die every year as a result of injuries or health issues related to the workplace.

Workplace safety is huge responsibility to bear. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending who you look at it) the responsibility of workplace safety does not fall unto the shoulders of one particular entity. Both employers and employees are responsible for worker safety. Of course, some employees may feel nervous, uncomfortable, or even fearful of bringing potential hazards and safety issues to the attention of their employers. There are several manners in which an employer may attempt to make their employees more interested in sharing safety concerns with their bosses.

Here are just a few options / suggestions for encouraging employees to share the responsibility of workplace safety:

  1. Place a Safety Suggestion box in an area in your work place. Encourage anonymous suggestions
  2. Along the same lines as above, place a Safety Suggestion box in your work place. But encourage employees to leave their names along with their suggestions. Offer rewards or bonuses for the best suggestion each month.
  3. Appoint a safety officer. Employees may feel more comfortable discussing possible safety issues with an appointed employee rather than talking to the boss directly.
  4. Post signage reminding employees that workplace safety is a shared responsibility and that you are interested in hearing from them.
  5. Hold 5 minute safety sessions each week or month followed with a 10 minute Q & A session.

These are just a few tips that the Norsteel Buildings crew for encouraging a safe work environment. If you have any more, please leave your suggestion in the comments section.


1 Response to “Encouraging Employees to Promote Workplace Safety”

  1. 1 Rajesh April 20, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Work place safety, one of the major issues in a company at the corporate office or plant. The points which you suggested to encourage employees to share the responsibility of workplace safety are really good.

    But, if the employees are at remote places then I think online safety training courses will definitely works. A relative Post on Workplace Safety http://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning/online-safety-training

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