Installing Green Flooring in your Building

Looking for ideas on how to go green with your flooring?  If so, the first things you need to consider are the durability of the floor, what the intended use will be, will the product off-gas toxic chemicals, will the flooring be made with recycled materials and will it be recyclable at the end of the floors lifetime as well as will the floor be made from sustainably-harvested materials. These are just a few things you need to think about before replacing your floor. 

When carpeting your home, while it does seem like a good idea because it is soft on the feet, never put carpet in the bathrooms as this can lead to mold growths.  Carpet can come with a number of problems such as flues used in carpets often off-gas toxic chemicals after a long time of it being installed.  Children are very vulnerable to carpet as they tend to spend a lot of there time sitting on carpet and can inhale negative effects of VOC’s.  Carpet also traps dust mites, pet dander and allergens.  People who have allergies tend to stay away from carpet, so if you have this in your home you may want to think about other options.  Although you vacuum and clean carpet often, it is still difficult to eliminate all problems that come with carpet.  Hard flooring surfaces are a much better choice, they are washable and don’t cause any of the problems carpet does.  If you do consider carpet for certain rooms, you may want to install carpet in low traffic areas.  You can also check out Green Label Plus certification, they may be of some help.

Natural carpets are a good idea for your building, they are made from wool or sisal and usually have jute backing. The natural fibers are usually preferred over traditional nylon.   Recycled carpeting can be made from many materials most popular is plastic bottles (PET). While the quality of these products has improved, if the fiber count is too low, these carpets can flatten under heavy use.  It’s important to ask whether the carpet has any chemical treatments during importing.  Wool carpets are subjected to US Department of Agriculture inspection which requires that it be fumigated with a pesticide to kill prospective moths before it enters the country. The pesticide stays in the carpet fibers.

Other carpet choices are carpet tiles. They are a great choice.  You would put these in areas where there is high traffic such as airports and commercial buildings.  The reason for this is that if there are wear-and-tears, new tiles can easily replace old ones.  This option is less expensive, especially if you need to replace a tile rather than replacing an entire floor. The tightly-woven fibers and low pile won’t trap harmful allergens and irritants.  Some of these tiles are often made from recyclable content which means they can be recycled at the end of the lifetime of the carpet.  This option makes it an excellent choice for low costs and eco-friendly flooring for your building

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1 Response to “Installing Green Flooring in your Building”

  1. 1 Brighton Early April 3, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Don’t forget about cork flooring and bamboo flooring as a green solution. They both have the beauty and durability of wood flooring, minus the effects on the environment.

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