Non-Residential Building Construction 2009

The national average of construction of non-residential buildings has fallen in 2009. The provinces that showed evidence of the steepest drops include Ontario and Alberta. Despite the national average showing a slight decline, however, there are provinces that have experienced the opposite – an increase in non-residential construction. Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and all territories have all posted a fourth quarter growth in this sector.

An article on points out only the positive, focusing on the fact that while there may be a decline in non-commercial building construction from third to fourth quarter, inclines may be seen when comparing data from same quarters on 2008. Saskatchewan showed the highest increases when comparing 2008 fourth quarter to 2009 fourth quarter. Advanced Education, Employment and Labour Minister Rob Norris was quoted in the article as saying “The annual totals for non-residential construction are solid when you look at the economy in 2009,” Norris said. “This definitely supports the case for more positive news in 2010.”

There may be something to the logic behind this more positive outlook. Simply look at this Statistics Canada graph showing the major incline in non-residential construction from 2004 until 2009.

investment construction non-residential 2004-2009, Canada

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Yahoo Canada: Construction of Non-Residential Buildings Down in Fourth Quarter of 2009

Statistics Canada: Investment in non-residential building construction Non-Residential Construction Hit Record Levels in 2009


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