Copper or Zinc Rainwater Systems Becoming High Demand

If you’re thinking about roof drainage for your building structure, consider copper or zinc rainwater systems as they are sustainable and durable and good for the environment.  Studies have shown that sustainable and durable materials, especially such as copper or zinc rainwater systems are becoming affordable and help in saving costs.  Also, sustainable designs are widely accepted and most building structure owners are demanding this product.  When deciding on a roof drainable system, we must consider the lifespan and/or longevity of the roofing systems.  Copper or zinc have incredible environmental credentials.  They have been used on a variety of structures such as, schools, churches, cathedrals, public halls, government buildings and hospitals.  Copper and zinc have wide acceptance all over the world due to their permanence and are great in any climate. Copper and zinc develop natural patinas that can reform if damaged, especially when being exposed to rainwater. The systems ensure extreme durability and resistance to corrosion in virtually any climate. Ranging from gold to chocolate brown and eventually light green, the copper patina’s come in a few great colours.  The light green patina can take seven to nine years in saline climates, five to eight years in heavy industry, 10 to 14 years in urban areas and up to 30 years in clean environments.  As you can see the patina’s light green is quite durable and has been in the industry for many years.  It can be seen on much older roofs.  Zinc is a shiny mill finish to a uniform gray in and can last up to two to five years.  Its warm gray, soft patina makes it a versatile shade for any roof design.  VMZinc manufacturers can create rainwater systems using natural zinc or quartz zinc which pre-weathered and anthrax zinc which is black.  This gives building structures a wide variety of aesthetic choices.  Zinc and copper patina’s provide amazing longevity up to around 100 years!  Both these rainwater systems are the most affordable.  As an example, aluminum gutter systems need to be replaced every 15 to 25 years, or every four to seven times before you have to replace it, this makes copper and zinc rainwater system incomparable. 

Now, sustainability may play an important part of going green, but durability is also as important.  This is especially important when your building structure roof is in metal, slate and tile.  Making sure that your roofing system is properly installed, this will save you costly repairs and maintenance expenses. Copper and zinc are known to provide durability of raw materials and has the necessary products to protect your building structure from the harsh elements at its most vital point, your roof. 

Selecting a roofing system can be a lifetime investment so make sure to choose a roof drainage system that is durable of the roof and building that it needs to protect.  Available in the U.S. market only, the European style system includes features that will meet the needs of a durable lifetime roof and will carry away the water shed by roof surfaces to last 100 years or more.  This style contains half round gutters, deeper profiles and features a back lip that prevents overflow.

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1 Response to “Copper or Zinc Rainwater Systems Becoming High Demand”

  1. 1 Jgheaburi si Burlane November 10, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Although zinc systems are more affordable, i would go for copper because it is a 100 % nontoxic recyclable and great building material.

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