Benefit Builders with Weatherization Systems

Weatherization systems are a good way to reduce air leakage and keep out bulk water, but still allow moisture that is trapped in walls to escape.  This prevents the accumulation of water which can lead to mold and mildew, which in the long run can provide a safer and more energy-efficient structure.  This is why weatherization systems are becoming a huge benefit not just to builders but to occupants, developers, architects and contractors.  Sealing the building envelope is a major economic advantage to the building owners.  You can do this by using DuPont weatherization systems.  They provide weather barriers to help your building last for many, many years and will lower operating and maintenance costs which have become big for builders. 

Energy efficiency has become very critical in reducing the overall environment impact of commercial buildings.  Most energy consumed by building operations account for the major share of energy consumption over the life of a structure.  By using a weatherization system you can impact energy efficiency in many ways.  Contributing to ventilation effectiveness is one way, because air leakage has a significant impact on the effectiveness of HVAC (Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems, you can increase airtighness of the building envelope.  Weatherization systems can help increase energy efficiency in your steel building.  The second way is to protect against exterior wall insulation’s loss of R-value due to wind washing by making sure the weatherization system is properly installed.  If it is, then it will work to reduce unwanted air flow and help maintain the R-value of insulation.  Finally, the last way would be to protect against exterior wall insulation’s loss of R-value due to environmental wetting of the insulation.  Wet insulation can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation.  Weatherization systems protect your building structures from bulk water and air transported moisture which causes wet insulation.

You can increase durability of the building envelope to help prevent bulk moisture from entering wall systems and allowing moisture vapor to escape, weatherization systems help keep walls drier.  This will help extend the life of the building structure and reduce the rink of water damage or corrosion to building materials. 

Thinking about weatherization systems for your existing building?  Please visit:


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