How to Save Costs with Insulation

Going green is becoming a big trend, although you may not be interested in being eco-friendly, you may want to consider the cost saving benefits.  Energy consumption is the largest operating cost in steel buildings.  By looking at green options, you can control these costs. Steel building insulation customized products will decrease your saving costs and are also energy efficient.  Insulation companies can also help to develop an energy management system for your facility.  Often, you may assume that retrofitting energy-saving measures into a steel building may cost too much, however this is a false assumption.  And if you’re looking at an existing steel building, please do not assume that they are already energy efficient buildings.  Most existing buildings actually only have two inches of insulation, which is not enough.  This will cause you to lose money in wasted energy.  Commercial buildings may be paying 50% more for heating and cooling insulated steel buildings.  Here are some facts about benefits of properly insulating your steel building.

For thermal efficiency, insulating effectively may save you a 20-50% savings on your next energy bill.

Your payback, the initial cost of insulating your steel building from $1.60 per square foot installed is quickly absorbed by instantly lowered energy bills. Many customers have reported payback as soon as two years after installation.

For heat flow control, because insulation acts as a barrier to slow the movement of heat, energy consumption becomes more efficient, resulting in lower energy outlays.

As for condensation control, equipped with a laminated vapor retardant called facing, quality insulation can prevent condensation, this will allow for better climate control and maximum insulating efficiency.

For lighting efficiency, insulation facing also provides bright, reflective wall and ceiling treatments to increase lighting efficiency, reducing energy bills and costs for additional lighting fixtures.

And as for tax breaks, eligible energy improvements such as steel building re-insulation may qualify for a tax credit of up to $1.80 per square foot, dependent upon the scope of the project.

Remember, a short-term fix to your energy problems will only offer short-term results and more problems in the end.  Think about reducing your steel building’s costs by purchasing products that are energy efficient and are eco-friendly.

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