Guide to Green Building

When deciding on renovating or creating a new steel building altogether, there are several choices to consider, such as different styles and colours to choose from, as well as location and design. These are really important processes when building, as you may want to consider products that are not harmful to the environment.  Below, you will find the Green Material Guide, which includes a variety of ideas to help guide you to products that are environmentally friendly and will work great in your building. 

Usually hidden under siding and drywall, are materials that make up the structure of your building. These are called building blocks.  These materials are not the best choice when focusing on being eco friendly.  However, engineered panels are one of the good materials when considering building blocks for your structure.  You can visit the Green Materials Guide for more options.

When it comes to being energy efficient, there are efficient systems and cool designs that can help reduce energy costs and still allow you to be comfortable.  Natural gas, pellet stoves and green tech like solar for heat and air conditioning are just some of the new favorites when it comes to heating and cooling your steel building structure.  Green Materials Guide for Heating and Cooling has some great ideas and products to help on those energy costs. 

When thinking about insulation for your building, there are tons of green products out there.  With a variety to choose from, please consider proper insulation first.  It is easy to choose a green product, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is doing the job properly.  Consider the right product when keeping heat inside and cool air out not the other way around.  Green materials such as recycled denim and bio-based spray foam can do the job.  Check out the Green Materials Guide for Building Insulation to learn about all the options.

Green your windows – these are a great choice too!  There are many windows to choose from and they all work in different ways.  Choices such as aluminum to vinyl to wood, casement to hopper to double hung, not to mention glazing and screening options are all amazing ideas.  The Green Materials Guide has many choice and materials to help you make your windows greener. 

What about flooring?  This is important too, even though some people don’t think twice about this one.  Whether you need green flooring options for high traffic areas or that will just look beautifully in your home, there are several green flooring options for you.  Consider bamboo to hardwood, cork to linoleum, carpet tiles to rammed earth and this is just to name a few.  Check out the Green Materials Guide for Flooring.

When considering wall options, keeping a few things in mind such how long you plan to keep your wall the same, and how long it will last over time.  Also, think about the environmental health in your steel structure.  Whether you’re thinking about solids to patterns, or paint to wallpaper, remember that green is much more than a paint colour.  Please take a look at Green Materials Guide for Wall Coverings.

Now that you have some good information on how to make your steel structure eco-friendly, the Green Materials Guide will help to complete the process of your building project.  For any additional info on green building, you can also check out our site at


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