Fall Protection Warning and System for Roofers and Construction

According to the Construction Safety Association of Ontario, in two separate incidents, two construction workers fell from roofs to their deaths in a recent month.  Fall protection is one of the most obvious and important safety considerations that roofers face. And the winter months will only escalate the opportunity for accidents.

There are several measures that a company and individual worker can take to improve safety levels on the rooftop. Having the proper anchor and webbing systems in place and knowing how to properly tie –off are perfect examples of companies and workers working together to ensure rooftop safety. Learn more about fall protection safety tips here.

At Norsteel Buildings Canada, we offer a very effective fall protection support system called Sky-Web II. The Sky-Web II is a high quality and long lasting mesh material that is knotted. It is designed to offer fall protection and prevention during the critical roof erection and installation phase of a construction project. In fact it is so effective that it will eliminate the need for the often confusing tying off procedures, as referenced above. This saves time and increases worker efficiency. With the exception of single-slope or gabled roofs, the Safety Web II works well with standard roof types and will remain in place long after construction is complete and serve as effective and smart looking interior support  insulation.

For more info about steel building roof options, contact Norsteel Buildings.


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