New Firestone division focused on energy

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC, Indianapolis, is introducing a new business division–Firestone Energy Solutions. This new division is committed to providing products, systems and services that assist in conservation and the production of energy for the commercial building envelope.

“Firestone Building Products is making a positive impact on the environment every day with its wide array of durable, sustainable and recyclable products and processes,” said Mike Vall, president of Firestone Building Products. “Firestone Energy Solutions enables us to expand our footprint, offering renewable energy solutions that meet emerging 21st century needs.”

Through a comprehensive offering of rooftop photovoltaic and daylighting systems, Firestone is positioned to provide either turn-key or custom energy solutions to meet renewable energy demands. Firestone Energy Solutions’ product approach provides access to domed daylighting systems, FM-approved smoke hatch/daylighting systems and crystalline and thin film PV technologies from major manufacturers, as well as ballasted or penetrating racking solutions. In addition, Firestone’s rooftop PV program features trained and licensed installers, thorough analysis capabilities at project onset and completion, system performance monitoring and assistance to fund solar installations.

“It is important that owners have a choice when it comes to solar electric selections to ensure they can meet their power and financial needs,” said Jeff Henegar, general manager of Firestone Energy Solutions. “As a leader in the commercial roofing industry, Firestone brings superior roofing products together with leading-edge solar technologies from trusted manufacturers and top notch support offerings to engineer the right roofing system for both the building and solar installation.”

According to Henegar, one of the critical components when embarking on a solar installation is ensuring a properly designed roof system is in place that can sustain the potential 20-30 year longevity of the PV or daylighting system. Working with Firestone Building Products, Energy Solutions will provide a single source for both roofing and roof-based solar systems that address renewable energy interests. In addition, Energy Solutions is enhancing the technical capabilities of Firestone’s commercial roofing installer network to provide the services necessary to address solar roofing system installations.

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