LinkedIn For Green Building News

Last week we discussed the merits of utilizing LinkedIn as a valuable resource for workplace safety information, tips, and news. This week, we would like to continue along the LinkedIn theme and mention that it is also a valuable source of information for those in the green construction industry.

To begin with there are a plethora of green building industry professionals on Linked in that would likely be more than happy to connect with likeminded individuals. And if you are looking for those professionals, you can find them in the various green constructions groups that have been created specifically to promote industry awareness, networking opportunities, and information sharing.

Here are a few green construction groups that might be of interest:

Building Green, a Sustainability Group

A group dedicated to connecting Green and Sustainable Architects, Builders, Developers, and end users together to facilitate a sustainable construction processes.

The LEED Professional Group

A networking site for professioanals that are interested combining energy and construction. All group is professionals involved in construction, real estate, finance that realize the importance LEED certification will be towards our future.

Green Real Estate a subgroup of Real Estate Finance & Investment Society

The group for environmentally-friendly sustainable/green building, such as LEED certified designs, clean technology, hydroelectricity, renewable energy, solar, wind, natural gas, recycling, etc. Open to those in development, investment, architecture, design, planning, construction, energy, law, etc.

Green Building

We practice increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources — energy, water, and materials — while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance. We strive to regenerate and can supersede Carbon neutral

Green Real Estate: Building, Design, Planning, Products, Investment

A chance to network with professionals interested in promoting Green Building, Design & Planning projects. We are looking for Builders, Green Construction Products, Contractors, Developers, Architects, Planners, Realtors, Brokers, Bankers, Attorneys, Investors, Appraisers, etc.

GREEN CITIES: Smart Growth & Sustainability for the DENSE URBAN context.

For those involved with or interested in Smart Growth and Sustainability,”Green” Design, “Green” Infrastructure, “Green” Urban Planning,”Green” Construction, and Deconstruction..Material Re-Use & RE-construction….all for the DENSE URBAN CONTEXT.

Sustainable Facility and ED+C magazines, websites and webinars

Sustainable Facility and Environmental Design + Construction are the leading resources for the forward thinking green building professional SF supports the facility manager, owner, engineer and service provider. ED+C supports the architect, interior designer and building contractor.

Eco | Consulting US

Residential | Commercial Retrofits | LEED Consulting | New Construction | Green Point Rated

These are just a few of your options if you are looking to connect and learn from Green Construction industry professionals on LinkedIn. If you have the time and have not yet joined LinkedIn, take a little tour.


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