Survey Shows Weatherability, Corrosion Resistance as Top Priorities for Metal Roofs and Walls

Recently, a national survey of architects found that more than 95 percent ranked weatherability and corrosion resistance as “critical” or “very important” to specifying, recommending or approving coatings for metal roof and wall panels.  Conducted by Media, Pa.-based International Communications Research, the study explored a broad range of topics including which performance attributes architects who specify metal coatings considered most important and how they rate various brands.

According to the more than 100 architects who participated, the five most important attributes of coatings on metal roofs and walls, in order of importance, are corrosion resistance, weatherability, colour retention, warranty and freedom from maintenance.  Less important attributes cited by the respondents are gloss retention, dirt pick-up, colour range and initial cost.

Architects in the study specify almost equally by brand (49 percent) as by performance criteria (51 percent).  Eighty-six percent of the participants named resin-based coatings with Kynar 500 as their top choice and 57 percent also responded that Kynar 500 resin-based coatings are important in the performance of cool roofing technology. 

Kynar 500 is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc., headquartered in Philardelphia.  For more information on the research study and its results, visit or



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