LinkedIn For Safety

For those of you who are looking for online resources that cater to workplace safety, we at Norsteel Buildings would like to suggest visiting LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has earned a reputation as an effective online resource for professionals to connect and network. But what many people don’t realize, even people who log in on a daily basis, is that LinkedIn really can provide a wealth of information on hot topics in most industries. Construction is no exception to this fact. To give you an idea of what you might find, there is a group called Safety Training. In their own words, The Safety Training  Group is devoted to Safety, Human Resources and Training Professionals who must meet the challenge of training employees in safety and hazard control.

Once you join this group, or any other construction related group on LinkedIn, you can pose safety related questions, join in discussions with your peers, and even post or read industry specific information and news items. As an example of the useful items you will find in this group, there is a link to the OSHA handbook (top right to download pdf, after you click on the link). There is also links to the video series of Caterpillar’s Safety Basics. The Safety Training Group on LinkedIn has also started a subgroup called Social Networking 101 to help people within the industry learn from each other.

If you have not yet joined LinkedIn, we suggest you take a moment to do so. Become part of this online community and benefit from networking and learning opportunities.


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