AAMA Survey And Task Force Update

According to a Green Building Survey, Schaumburg, Ill., from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, has found that 77 percent of respondents reported a product-based green certification program for residential and commercial fenestration would benefit the product selection process for their companies.   AAMA will use the survey responses as additional input to shape a green fenestration certification program the association is developing.

“Architects, builders and contractors will look to AAMA-certified products and verified components to meet their green projects’ performance requirements for safety, energy efficiency and durability,” said Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO.

For the remainder of 2009, AAMA will continue conducting the survey and evolve questions to inquire about the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and how the stimulus package is impacting energy efficient construction and renovation in the industry.

AAMA’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) task group recently met for the first time in Minneapolis to discuss how and why the technology is being used. The task group is attempting to identify important attributes of fenestration products to incorporate into BIM tools, making it easier for specifiers to utilize these building products in their projects.

“BIM is already gaining traction in the Midwest, as the Wisconsin Department of Administration Division of State Facilities has completed the task of preparing the BIM Guidelines and Standards for implementation in July. These guidelines are required on all construction [new and addition/alteration] with total project funding of $5 million or greater.

This is just one example of how BIM is becoming more accepted by building officials and is expected to spread nationwide,” Walker said.

For more information on this article, please visit: http://www.metalarchitecture.com/Default.aspx?PublicationID=3



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