Design Tips for Insulated metal wall panels

Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are extremely popular due to their lightweight design and high insulation value (R14-R-30). These attractive panels provide great insulation and a beautifully sleek, contemporary designs great for any type of building. Which leads to some great steel building tips.

Five great IMP tips for your metal building project are

  1. Compatible fasteners will prevent corrosion between dissimilar metal types. Ensure your metal building provider uses compatible fasteners to prevent corrosion that would risk the integrity and performance you are purchasing
  2. Look at color options early on in the design process – you’ll be amazed to know that color really does matter! Because these are insulating panels, different temperatures, especially prevalent in extreme cold climates like Canada’s, or in extreme heat, can cause stress within the panel if colors are not taken into effect when erecting. Sunny winter days will cause a dark colored panel to expand, while its cold liner side won’t (because it’s insulated from the panel face) and this can cause the panel to bow. Explore panel options with your provider to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  3. Ensure your panels are properly joined. IMPs are highly engineered and their function is to provide air barriers, water barriers, and especially, to provide thermal insulation. Therefore, it’s extremely important to ensure the joins are properly detailed and installed.
  4. Calculate carefully the expected IMP panel movement that will occur with naturally occurring temperature changes. Make sure that thermal expansion and movements between panels that will occur with the temperature changes are accommodated
  5. Properly seal with marriage beads to maintain consistent air and moisture barriers at the inside (liner side) of the IMP panels.   

The decision to add these insulating panels to your metal building project is both practical and efficient. You can find more tips in Building Design & Construction.

When you add up the savings in heating and cooling that you’ll realize with the aesthetic appeal that your clients and peers will remark on, and the green potential of the materials, you have even more reason to look into these popular IMPs.


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