High-Performance Prismatic Daylighting

High-performance prismatic daylighting is becoming the most cost-effective solar option for the majority of building owners.  Prismatic skylights enhance light transmittance and achieve 100-percent light diffusion.  In the future, building owners will face challenges of not only reducing energy usage in their buildings, but the elevated challenges of obtaining a carbon neutral footprint.  In Europe, they have already implemented carbon standards and mandates for business owners and the call for reduction the world over is an everyday topic.  This year, the state of California announced building codes that would ultimately make commercial/industrial building owners obtain carbon neutrality by the year 2030.  The U.S. Federal Government has also put carbon mandates into play with the introduction of Cap & Trade legislation that has yet to be enacted. 

What does Electricity Reduction mean for building owners?  The majority of electricity production in the U.S. comes from coal-fired production plants that produce a large amount of our national carbon output.  So it makes sense to look to electricity reduction as a way to achieve a carbon-neutral facility.  Much emphasis has been put on reducing our use of carbon-based fuels for the production of electricity by implementing the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic panels and wind power.  Electricity usage from lighting in commercial/industrial buildings accounts for about 40 percent of the total energy usage on average and most businesses operate under a first-shift schedule that typically coincides with daylight hours of the day. 

For low-rise commercial and industrial buildings, high performance prismatic daylighting with  lighting controls provide the most cost-effective and efficient solution for reduction of electric lighting use in these buildings.   Properly designed, high-performance prismatic daylighting can eliminate the need for lighting by as much as 70 percent on an annual basis.  If you think about it, why use the power of the sun to create energy through PV panels that turn lights on when the sun’s light is so abundant?  Even on overcast days, the sun can illuminate buildings. 

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Source:  www.metalconstructionnews.com


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