Admittedly, there are a few limitations of Living Walls

In these past discussions about living walls to compliment your Metal building project, We’ve talked about their advantages and their wow factor, but haven’t said too much about any disadvantages…we might as well cover those too, just to be thorough. If you’re not scared off – and I really don’t think you will be, then you need to take a deeper look at going green and figure out just how to go about creating your own awesome living wall to go with your awesome metal building project!

Maintenance – for indoor projects, monthly maintenance programs are about the same as other indoor gardens but your vegetated walls will require a much higher level of maintenance than climbers on a vertical frame. That fact, and the sheer height of some outdoor living walls can be a challenge to some – unless you’ve prepared yourself with a nice high safe ladder or stuck to shorter versions that are much more accessible for maintenance and harvesting. Small spaces can pack a lot of veggies when you garden using vertical gardens – and so unique!

Energy/Resource Use – The indoor walls may use more energy to supply light and the pumping of water and nutrients through the system. Of course, you’ll surely save on Vitamin D pills through the winter and can say goodbye to SAD.

Mould/Moisture Problems – Proper air flow and water movement must be established and monitored to help ensure harmful moulds do not grow, particularly in indoor applications. Also, the constant presence of moisture means you have to ensure that the walls are well separated from any adjacent structure and have air movement around and behind to keep it dry to prevent molds from growing.

Pollens – Designers must consider pollen generation when choosing plants, especially for indoor applications or for those outdoors but beside windows that you’ll want to open.


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