Copper & Green Building

Green Building first originated as an initiative focused on increasing the efficiency of buildings and their use of energy, natural resources and materials.  A key element of green building are sustainable materials.  They must be durable and long lasting.  Copper, brass and bronze can last for a hundred years or more when used for exterior applications, even in harsh environments.  Also, copper and its alloys are 100% recyclable. 

Sustainability takes into account that, with the exception of solar and wind-based energies natural resources are finite materials.  Because there is a limited amount of copper available to be mined and used, it is estimated that only a fraction of all known mineral reserves have been mined.  With all this copper still available, copper has such a high level of recyclability, and can be considered a “renewable finite material”. 

It is important to consider the many benefits of copper, brass and bronze when specifying materials for construction and remodeling projects.  Combining aesthetic beauty, light weight, strength, durability, ease of installation, and an inherent suitability for green and sustainable building, copper is one material builders and architects can always count on.

For more information on copper, brass, and bronze please contact: Copper Development Association, Phone: (212) 251-7200  Website:



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  1. 1 Rutland October 22, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Copper performs great in inner cities, coastal and marine environments. Copper’s protective patina gives it the ability to ward off corrosion, durability and very long life. Copper patina varies by climate but generally copper starts out a bright salmon copper and gradually turns brown, then shades of reddish brown, grayish brown, greenish brown then finally a variegated light pastel green after 25 some years. The rich changing earth tone color palette is one of the prized features of copper. Copper guttering is riveted and soldered, so there are rarely any issues with leaks or repairs. Copper gutters will definitely upgrade and enhance any home or commercial building and add true curb appeal and value. Copper gutter’s super long life, little to no required maintenance, no painting, no leaks and 100% recyclability with recycled copper retaining over 95 per cent of new raw copper value, a great case can be made for choosing copper gutters. Environmentally speaking, copper is considered one of the greenest and most eco-friendly materials available and copper’s total environment cost is lower than initially cheaper materials. Total environmental cost includes the cost of raw processing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, re-cycling and replacement costs, so durability and longevity do factor in greatly. For people that want to enjoy the durability, longevity, value and environment friendly nature of copper but would prefer gray earth tone, lead coated copper and tin-zinc coated copper is available with the same attributes as copper other than color.

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