More on Living Walls

Living Wall at Bell Canada's Creekbank Campus

Living Wall at Bell Canada's Creekbank Campus

In a previous blog, Try Living Walls for a definite ‘wow’ factor with your metal building, we discussed adding living walls to your Pre-fabricated Metal building project.

But I just don’t feel that justice was done to this greenest of innovative living so feel the need to discuss more thoroughly the many bonuses that can be enjoyed through the addition of living walls.

The structural weight, moisture retention, nutrient supply and water distribution are all important design considerations in living walls. And there are so many great types of living walls with such stunning looks  and environmentally friendly green facades. With a multitude of wonderfully innovative vertical structural systems, such as those that support climbing plants on the building exterior (where climber plants and vines. Supported by stainless steel cables, webbing or metal grids) they grow upwards from grade or planters. Other types are:

  • Active Walls – like the one at Queen’s University in Ontario, are indoor features joined to the building’s air circulation system where fans draw air through the living wall before being circulated through the building for increased oxygen and reduced pollutant levels.
  • Inactive Walls – are also indoor features, but they rely on passive open design for free air circulation rather than on mechanical air systems.

Outdoor Living Walls – are the engineered building envelope systems that allow a screen or layer of living plant material to be suspended at some distance from the outside wall of a building. Specialized membranes and drainage layers support the growth of a range of mosses, vines and perennial plants.


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