On The Green Front – Tips for Sustainable Landscapes

When you have completed your metal building project, you have already done a good thing, environmentally speaking. Prefabricated, metal buildings are a great way to green up your land. So now, when you’re looking to landscape, I have it on good authority that Sustainable landscaping is attainable. You can improve your piece of the environment by creating a landscape that works with your local climate by following some or all of these ten tips. Some are easily attainable, like adding a compost bin; some take more work, like creating a self-sustaining garden; but if you’re up for a challenge and really want to do your piece for the environment, then read on.

A sustainable landscape is easier on the environment, and easier on you. Once you’ve greened it up, you only need minimal resources added on, resources like fertilizer, pesticides (naturally green, of course), and water.

5  Tips for your sustainable piece of paradise:

  1. Shrink Your Lawn
    Grass takes too much resource to maintain. Create a more natural landscape and you’ll use not only less water and reduce chemical use but you’ll save money and do less mowing and raking.
  2. Gather Rain Water
    Harvest that soft, pure, rain water in barrels and you are conserving water and saving money. Water your garden, your houseplants – try washing your hair with it…you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  3. Use Mulch
    Mulch beds have a really nice appearance protects plants’ root systems and adds nutrients to the soil. Mulch slows soil erosion, retains moisture and helps to prevent weeds so you’ll spend less time weeding and watering your garden.
  4. Plant Shade Trees
    Having shade trees around your house helps cut air conditioning bills in summer and helps reduce heating costs in fall. More than cost savings; however, they’re important carbon sinks and help to reduce global climate change.
  5. Choose Alternatives to Power Equipment
    Instead of a power lawn mower get a push mower.  Instead of a weed whacker use hand shears. Instead of a gas blower for leaves, use a rake or broom. Instead of a lawn, think about creating a meadow.

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