Your Mini Storage Building: Marketing tips for new owners

For the month of July 2009, in our weekly blogs, we will look at the mini storage business and offer information and tips along with helpful links to more in depth information about the topics.

In the Week 1 blog, Your Mini Storage Building: Buying tips, we discussed buying tips. So you have already bought your mini storage building, or are thinking about buying a mini storage facility and are trying to figure out just how you can keep it at a continuous 92%  – or higher occupancy, right?

Marketing tips to attract customers:

  • Find a web creation company that understands specific needs of the mini-storage business and will help you create a web site that will be effective in speaking to your particular needs
  • Don’t advertise in just one or two places, your advertising should encompass a number areas focused within your community: Join your areas community boards, decide your advertising budget and advertise in the local community newspapers and newsletters; local yellow pages; link to business associations in your area; find online advertising sites and business storage associations and sites such as:
     Mobile Self-Storage Magazine
     Mobile Self-Storage Association
  • Donate your time, money, or space to your community services and not-for-profit organization events, become active in your community to get your name and your company branding out there – visible and talked about so your facility will be the first that comes to mind when the need arises.
  • Create a blog space and enter in it daily, weekly, or even monthly; ensure that you link to other sites to generate traffic to your web site
  • Write articles, again daily, weekly, or monthly, submitting and linking with other sites.
  • Most importantly, ensure each and every page of your web site has an action link that the potential customer can click and be able to email, or click and sign up, or click and receive information on how to call you.

In addition to management and marketing tips, check out the Self Storage Association Web site for sound strategies and advice on the owning and operating of your mini-storage. 

Marketing tips to keep those customers:

  • Have an attractive, clean building and site, both inside and out. As your potential client drives up to your building, there should be nothing out of place to turn their expectations negative.
  • Have visible security measures in place
  • Have clean and courteous workers, office staff, security 
  • Have crisp, clear sign up forms
  • Offer insurance
  • Offer sign up bonuses and short term discounts, referral discounts

Once you have attracted that potential customer to you, the above tips should go a long way to ensure that you get them signed up, keep them around, and even have them generating your next customers. Watch Week 3: Your Mini Storage Building: Leveraging tips for existing owners


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