Laying a Concrete Pad for your Steel Building kit

So you’ve received your steel building kit, or it’s on its way. Congratulations! So…have you readied your buildings foundation yet? No? Not to worry. Luckily, you can ready your concrete base in just one quick weekend and here’s how.

Step 1

Decide on a flat location for your building. You can check the ground is flat enough by using a string line as a level. Just tie the string between two stakes and stretch it out. Flatten the ground where necessary to ensure the string is the same height above the ground.

Step 2

Hammer a stake into the ground one corner and then hammer a nail 3.5 inches above the ground. Tie a string to it and measure out the length of your steel building kit. Stretch the measured string to the opposite side, and insert a stake. Do the same for the other two corners with stakes.

Step 3

Dig down 3.5 inches to create the sunken bottom surface in the entire marked off area.

Step 4

Plant a post in each corner and create a frame by placing a 2x4s along the sides and, after ensuring they’re level, nail to the posts. Pack the area behind the 2x4s with dirt to keep poured concrete from pushing the 2x4s away from the posts.

Step 5

Roll mesh out on the bottom of the sunken area, cutting it 3 inches from the sides of the sunken bottom area. Overlap each mesh sheet and twist the edges together then flip the entire sheet over so it doesn’t curl up.

Step 6

Fill the form with concrete using a wet rake to spread the concrete. Work fast and remove any air pockets by tapping the top of the concrete and the 2x4s to settle.

Step 7

Wait overnight for the concrete to dry and then remove the 2x4s leaving the raised concrete pad. Fill in the area around the pad with dirt making the surrounding dirt level with your concrete slab.

That simply you’re done! And now you and your friends get to continue the fun and erect your brand spanking new steel building.


1 Response to “Laying a Concrete Pad for your Steel Building kit”

  1. 1 Concrete Contractor February 18, 2011 at 1:10 am

    Installing a slab for building like requires a competent Concrete Contractor . I would not recommend to the average home/business owner to take it on by themselves. Nice buildings.

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