Construction Site Safety Statistics

Everyday on a construction site, workers face life and health threatening dangers. By its very nature, it is accepted that the work carries risks and that potential accidents are possible in any corner of the job site.   

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) by law requires employers to provide a work place safe and free from hazards; yet even with the law in effect, accidents still occur.

According to OSHA, each year:

  • 1000 workers die in construction related accidents
  • A quarter of a million workers suffer injuries resulting in lost work days
  • Construction accidents cost the industry $13 billion in workers compensation cost alone

The scary part is that most, if not all accidents are preventable and could be avoided with the proper safety training, precaution, and common sense.

Can this be true you ask?

Yes. OSHA statistics show that 90% of the fatalities occur in four categories. Workers either:

  • Are Caught between objects
  • Are Struck by objects
  • Are Electrocuted
  • Or Fall

Yes, the government enforces safety and health laws and employers have an obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace, but government regulators and inspectors cannot be present at construction sites at all times. So it is still your, the worker’s, responsibility to stay alert, safe, and out of harms way.  But again, by its very nature, the construction business cannot be guaranteed a 100% safe work place. It is a simple thing such as a change in weather or the momentary inattention of a fellow worker that leads to another accident statistic.

Like most workers, you know that there is an extremely thin line between a near miss and a fatality so help keep yourself out of the next set of statistics by taking onto yourself the responsibility of proper safety training. Ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities, and practice extreme vigilance against hazardous work conditions. In this way you can reduce, if not eliminate altogether, your risk of being injured at work.

So on your next steel building construction site stay alert. Remember, it’s your life and health that is at risk.


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