Do you know the #1 rule of workplace safety?

 The # 1 rule is…be trained. 

May21_WHMIS_symbolsWhether your steel construction project is a backyard garage or a multi-employee workplace, you need to be aware of the dangers of not properly storing combustible materials. Even a quick WHMIS course, can ensure you or your workers are trained to recognize potential hazards and problem areas.  

Ensure you are using the correct equipment and clothing, and most importantly that you have more than adequate ventilation in your workplace.

Having knowledge that a substance is dangerous is not enough. Take the necessary precautionary steps to ensure that you are protected while working.

Upgrade your workplace. Continuously strive for improvement to meet the requirements of the law for a safe and sound workplace. 

Additional safety tips when using hazardous substances:

  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and to prevent contact to skin.  Above all, ensure too that your workplace is well ventilated. Have wash stations nearby.
  • Store combustible materials separately and away from all incompatible materials.
  • Watch out for symptoms. Too much exposure to hazardous materials can cause irritation or burning in your eyes, nose and throat, coughing, chest pain or skin burns. 
  • Always be prepared and know what to do in case of emergencies.  Have a first aid kit stocked and readily available.
  • Wash your hands. Some hazardous materials can cause burns to your mouth, throat and stomach.
  • Do not violate the law. Avoid being fined for irresponsibility. Besides wasting your money, it’s not a great statement by your workplace.

Besides, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, all employees or students working with or around hazardous materials, must receive the appropriate WHMIS training so they can use and handle such materials safely.

Make sure you are reminded of the rules and safety tips above so that you avoid any chemical leaks. Whichever workplace you are in, remember to ensure your safety first! 


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