Insuring your safety with, what else, a Safety web

I know we’ve visited this topic before in a previous blog (Norsteel Roof Systems, Safety Web), but I think, given the seriousness of the construction safety issue, that it is worth taking another look at. A large amount of time and money has been spent world wide on developing safe systems of work in recent years and the attention has paid off by greatly reducing the risks of falling during construction work.
The more widespread use of safety nets has had its impact on the steel construction industry and is one of the major contributions to the improved safety record of the steelwork industry associated trades. Previous FASET (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training) survey statistics reported that there were 56 falls into netting, 40 from roof-workers – and that’s only the ones that were reported. Sobering news, and a great reason to look harder at the benefits of adding safety netting to your steel buildings project.

A safety net is ideal for use at construction sites to prevent objects (including yourself or your workers/helpers) from falling far if the safety lines are not in use. Best yet, once the roof is completed, the safety netting can remain in place as exterior insulation.

Contact us for information on how we can help ensure your steel building project concludes safely.


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