Roofing Options for Your Construction Project

skylightThis is the third of three blogs discussing your green building from the ground up. Our first blog was about green flooring options, the second was about wall options, and today we will discuss green roofing options. That’s right. You’ve pretty much completed the interior of your project, and made it nice and cozy, so why not let the sunlight in!

When you want to give your building a great new green look, you can either go solar, or, if you’re not quite ready to commit to solar paneling, then you’ll want to think about skylights and other types of natural ventilation specifically selected for steel buildings. There are many choices, so think about including some great skylights to help bring the natural light in. With an easy installation and a maximum light transmission, you will have brightened up even your gloomiest of days.
For natural ventilation, add louver panels, adjustable ridge vents, or mechanical ventilators and you’ll have added low cost aids to control temperature and humidity.


5 Responses to “Roofing Options for Your Construction Project”

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  1. 1 Celebrating Toronto’s New Green Roof Law « Norsteel Trackback on May 29, 2009 at 10:13 pm

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