Steel Building Insulation Options

insulated-steel-buildingWe’ve talked about green flooring tips for your green building construction project. Now let’s continue discussing the interior of your building with some great insulation ideas to help complete the interior of your project. Specifically selected for our steel buildings, we offer a great selection of installation including the following:

  • Fiberglass blanket insulation When it comes to fiberglass, you’ll want a woven product such as our WPM-50 insulation. With a polyester fabric backing on its back side, you’ll enjoy its great high impact and tear strength, which is resistant to rips tears and punctures. This type of insulation is generally used in sporting facilities and high traffic areas where walls are exposed to heavy traffic and abuse.
  • Insulation for fire-rated walls Made from non-combustible material, this insulation is made for use in buildings where a fire rating is required. Able to withstand the intense heat of approaching flames without melting, this insulation will not burn. It is, of course, water and moisture resistant and will not absorb or store moisture and thus is protected from the growth of fungi or mildew.
  • R-Max system for maximum thermal resistance that translates to considerable energy savings for you, check out our R-Max system. With full thickness insulation giving you an R-value of R38 in both roof and walls, you will enjoy year round comfort, complete thermal and vapour barriers and enhanced sound reductions.

So check out our complete selection and you’ll be able to choose wisely. Couple it with a great interior wall such as our Liner Panel System, which allows for heavy insulation, and you’ll be cool and comfortably cozy year round in your newly insulated steel building!


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