Green Building Inside and Out

cork flooring So your green building construction has gone well and you plan to keep your green theme going while you complete the interior of your project. Why not start from the ground up? Here are some great green flooring tips courtesy of National Geographic’s Green Guide.

1. Materials: To be labeled green, flooring products must have minimal impact on the environment and your health, and not contain formaldehyde emitting stains or adhesives. Some great examples of green materials are :

        – Bamboo

        – Cork

        – Concrete

        – Forest Stewardship Council Certified Hardwood, Softwood, Laminates and Reclaimed/Salvaged Lumber

       – Linoleum

       – Recycled Tile and Stone

2. Sealants, Stains and Polishes: Whatever you chose, you will first need to seal your new floor, and then either stain or polish it. Whether sealing or staining, make sure you choose low-VOC, non-formaldehyde sealants and stains made from natural pigments. Later, when polishing your new floor, look for hardwax and natural oil polishes. The National Geographic site lists several approved products in their Wood Finishes Buying Guide.

3. Grouts and Glues: Whether using sealants with grout for tile, or glues for laminates or linoleum, its just as important to look for low VOC, non-toxic products.

Follow the above tips, and your new green building will be as beautiful inside as it is outside!


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