Safety – Keeping It Clean At Work

One of the main reasons accidents occur in the workplace are when people trip over extension cords, lumber, and other stuff that never got put away properly.  In an industry with so many potential hazards, those resulting from poor housekeeping are relatively easy to eliminate.  If you hate on-site housekeeping, consider asking why it is a logical efficient way to work.  Here are some ideas: 


If your workplace is orderly and things get put away when people are finished with them, you’ll be able to find them when you need them.  The few minutes it took to put a tool away might have half an hour of trying to find it later.

If your workplace is tidy, and free of old lumber and debris lying around, you’ll be able to see if something is dangerous right away.  It will stand out because it will be out of place. 


When chemicals, solvents and dirty, oily rags get put into the right kind of containers and in the right places, there’s much less chance that they’ll catch fire.  Fire could cost thousands of dollars in damage, probably more.  It could cost lives.


Whenever you procrastinate about doing something, and leave it until it’s unbearable, it becomes a bigger, more time consuming task.  Taking a few minutes every now and then to tidy up throughout the day will mean you will save the time, energy and aggravation of doing a big cleanup when things get out of control.


When your site is orderly, there is much less chance that you (or anyone else) will get hurt by tripping over something or by slipping on mud or grease.  You’ll be saving yourself the prospect of physical pain and time lost at work if you clean up as you go.


When you get into the habit of cleaning up as you work, you’ll also get into the habit of noticing things that are not quite right and things that could be hazardous to others.  That’s a very efficient way to achieve two goals at the same time – eliminating hazard and being more safety conscious. 


Housekeeping doesn’t have to be a chore.  When everyone does their part, it’s actually not a big deal. Making your personal contribution to keeping your site orderly and tidy is one of the best things you can do at work, both for yourself and everyone else.  You’ll be creating an environment where people look out for each other and where nobody goes home hurt. 


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Source:  Supply Post Western 




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