How To Use Your Steel Building

Looking for a place to store your items?  Steel Buildings are a great choice!  They are strong and durable and can offer years of protection for all your items.  Steel buildings are completely versatile and have extensive options, customizable features, and premium finishes. They are affordable and can be delivered in as little as five weeks.

Steel buildings can be used for many different storage needs including: storage for your car, boat, motorcycle or other vehicles, shelter for farm crops and farm machinery especially livestock, storage for your airplane or helicopter and much more.


Skylights and windows are a great idea if you are planning on using your building as a garage to store vehicles.  You can also incorporate non-metal finishes such as masonry, glass, or skylights. Several roof, wall, panel, colour and hybrid options are also available.  Venting and insulating for heating and cooling efficiency can be customized to suit farm machinery or livestock.  You can also add panels to enlarge the building and provide more open storage.  Commercial storage space can have added steel inner walls or partitions to create separate storage areas or offices.


There are many types of steel buildings.  They are: commercial buildings, riding arenas, airplane hangars, back yard shops, storage building or storage facilities, schools, warehouses, office buildings, and customized pre-fabricated buildings. 


If you’re interested in being economically friendly, green buildings are also an option!  There are many benefits to green building. They can save money with energy efficiency and water efficiency, conserve materials and resources for additional savings, improve the quality/purity of life for people/employees working within your green building, and reduce your carbon footprint.


Also, take a look at our mini-storage website.  They offer customized, economical, prefabricated mini-storage buildings in several styles to suit a variety of purposes.

If you’re in the market for a steel building, Norsteel Buildings can help to
fit the needs of your next storage, commercial or industrial project


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  1. 1 Steel building July 23, 2009 at 10:43 am

    When we say metal building, most people envision large exhibition halls or airplane hangars. However, metal buildings are much more versatile. Today, they can be found serving a wide range of purposes such as: office buildings, churches and even comfortable homes. Modern technology has made is possible to create pre-fabricated metal buildings in a wide range of different designs. You will have the option of choosing from a vast selection of designs, coatings and colors.

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