Largest LEED Platinum Building in Canada

The University of Calgary’s Child Development Centre (CDC) is the largest LEED Platinum building in Canada.  This 125,000-sq.-ft. building has achieved the highest level of sustainability certification a building can reach in North America.  At four storeys, the $23-million facility was designed by Calgary-based Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning and has been certified LEED Platinum by the Canada Green Building Council for its high level of sustainable design and construction features.  The facility focuses on supporting organizations working together for the benefit of children and its vision was to functionally integrate different disciplines of the university’s research departments with Calgary Health Region practitioners within the space.


“Achieving Platinum is a huge success for our firm and we are proud to be a part of the movement towards sustainable standards in Alberta and Canada,” says Bill Chomik, principal at Kasian. “We discovered a lot about the level of collaboration that is required for a project of this kind. Every design element incorporated into the facility had to be considered from a complexity of angles — functionality, efficiency, sustainability, budget, and aesthetics.”


Photovoltaic arrays are just one of the environmental features of the CDC.  They are capable of producing 65,000 kilowatt hours worth of electricity per year.  This is enough to run six single family homes for a year.


Access flooring and moveable walls enable building flexibility so that the spaces can adapt for different uses. High-performance boilers and water-efficient fixtures were utilized, and natural light is present throughout the building to reduce electrical costs and to create an open and pleasant environment for building users.  Zinc cladding was used on the building exterior to increase building durability and decrease the need for maintenance.

As a result of these and other features, energy costs will be reduced by 70 per cent and water use will be reduced by 55 per cent per year.  Additionally, 83 per cent of construction waste from this project was diverted from landfills.

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