Toronto’s Roofs Go Green

Toronto adopted a new green roof policy.  After doing a study, they found that “8% coverage of existing rooftops with extensive green roofs, would generate over $300 million in initial cost savings in areas such as stormwater management, combined sewer overflow reduction, building energy savings, and the urban heat island reductions.”
Toronto is committed to “install green roofs on new and existing buildings owned by the City.  For example, green roofs are to be considered for existing municipal buildings when roofs are due to be replaced.  For new City-owned buildings, the Green Roofs strategy sets a target of green roofs covering 50 to 75 per cent of a building’s footprint.  Council also recommended that a pilot program of financial incentives be initiated this year for the construction of green roofs.”
“These policies set the stage for a public-private partnership that will result in significant improvements to the quality of life in Toronto, reduce energy consumption and smog” says Stephen Peck of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.   
Green roofs are proven technologies that utilize high quality waterproofing, root repellency and drainage systems, and lightweight growing media to grow plants on roofs.”
To read more about Stephen Peck’s press release, please visit:

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