Four Ways To Green Your Roof

Looking for ways to add some green to your roof? Here are four ways your roof can have a positive impact on the environment:



Skylights are a great way to reduce your electric bills. Installing skylights or solar tubes in your roof, can help you save money. It will decrease your need for electric lighting during the day. It will also bring in natural light which is good for your mental health.


Paint Your Roof White

By painting your roof white, you can deflect light and heat away from your roof. Not only will it help you cool your house, it will also help control climate change. According to the physicist, Hashem Akbari, a 1,000 sq-ft roof, painted white, can offset 10 metric tons of CO2.


Plant a Rooftop Garden

Putting a garden on your rooftop is a great way reduce urban heat islands. Did you know that it can also reduce the temperature of the garden-topped building by up to 15 degrees? Growing plants and trees in the city can also contribute to the overall air quality by eliminating carbon dioxide. That’s great news for all us oxygen-breathers.


Mount Some Solar Panels
Why not turn your roof into a power plant? By mounting a few solar panels on your roof and hooking them into your grid. You can generate some clean energy for your home. It’s expensive in at first, but it can save you money in the long run.

For more tips and information on how to make your roof environmentally friendly, please visit:




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