Put Drilling Safety First

Here at Norsteel Buildings,we enjoy promoting workplace and construction safety, take a look at the advanced training for drilling that is offered by this company named Sandvik.  They are a global industrial group with advanced products that have developed a revolutionary training concept which combines comprehensive training, modern learning tools and professional trainers with a modular curriculum that can be customized for various needs.  The concept, developed in cooperation with education professionals, will drastically improve training efficiency.  Beginners, who take the training, will be productive from day one and experienced professionals will learn to use machine features to the fullest.  In the first phase, training is available for Sandvik’s surface top hammer drilling. 


The in-depth training aims at enabling the operators to understand their role within the quarry process.  It goes far beyond just the function and operation of the rig, says Mika Kotro, Training Manager at Sandvik’s surface drills.   Sandvik’s training concept addresses the challenges that have long been bothering the drilling industry, among those the lack of qualified professional trainers as well as good training locations.  It offers a way of organizing the training as well as the training itself.  A modularized curriculum tailored for each individual case based on a needs’ analysis, authorized professional trainers, modern learning tools and a training information bank make learning interesting and guarantee a solid result.


An important factor in this concept is the new drilling simulator which is developed based on the Dpi surface top hammer drills operation system.  It offers a possibility to drilling training in an authentic environment.  This training helps the students to understand their role in the whole excavation process as well as the key features of total productivity.  The students will learn to manage even the most difficult rock conditions and to keep the machine fit and available.  The new training method allows easy and risk-free practice of any possible situation.


This new, advanced training will fundamentally change operator training and offer a safe and efficient way of learning drilling in practice as well as it will significantly improve productivity.  For more information on Sandvik’s advanced training on drilling, please visit: http://www.sandvik.com/


Source: www.supplypost.com


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